Age of D'ni
The Earth seen from Apollo 17
Type Planet
Written by Ri'neref
Inhabitants Yes
Locations of interest City of D'ni

Paris Grand Canyon The Cleft

Flora All Real Plants
Fauna All Real animals

some fake

Game information
Journal- None
First appearance Myst: The Book of Atrus

The Age of D'ni is the name of Earth according to the D'ni people. The Age was Written by Ri'neref to house the group of Ronay refugees from Garternay. The name was said to mean "new hope" in the D'ni language.

As a location, D'ni refers to the underground Cavern where the D'ni people built the D'ni city. It has been suggested that the cavern was inhabited by the native creatures the D'ni called Bahro, until the D'ni enslaved them in the process of claiming the cavern for themselves.

The other parts of the Age of D'ni outside the Cavern taken into consideration, is the Surface, although during the millennia they thrived, the D'ni were mostly ignorant about what lay on the Surface of their home, and the native humans.