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Written by Atrus
Inhabitants No
Locations of interest
Game information
Journal- None
First appearance Myst III: Exile

Amateria was written by Atrus, so that his sons could learn one of the first steps in writing an age.

Overview Edit

This age demonstrates the "dynamic forces" aspect of writing an age. It consists of one large oriental-looking island, containing three main puzzles, revolving around righting tracks for large orbs to roll along to trigger mechanisms without breaking. These orbs are large spherical crystals that are created in and dropped from the top of the central pagoda. They are generally a grey-blue color, around 1.5 times the height of the player and will shatter when coming to the end of a track, a force field or falling into the sea. The control panels for the three main puzzles will close once the puzzle has been complete, revealing a hexagonal code that can then be entered into three similar looking panels along the length of the main bridge to the central pagoda. When the correct code is entered in to the panel and it's related puzzle solved, the three lowered sections of the bridge will raise and the player may gain entrance to the central pagoda.

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