The Guild of Bookmakers or Book-Making Guild was one of the Major Guilds. Their Guild color was a very light yellow.Template:Fact They were responsible for making blank Linking and Descriptive Books.

The Guild was almost destroyed by Outsiders during the Mee-Dis War, actually orchestrated by conservative factions.[1]

One of the last Five Lords during the Fall of D'ni was a Grand Master of the Bookmakers.[2]

Gehn was apprenticed to the Guild of Bookmakers.

On RivenEdit

Gehn re-established the Guild as one of the five Guilds of Riven, apparently tasked with cutting trees of the Jungle Island and creating books for him on the Crater Island. In an icon display in the Beetle Room, they are seen collecting paper leaves falling from a tall tree. ALthough they deforested a large portion of the island,[3] Gehn had a hard time until creating his first working book.

Gehn considered questioning closely the Guild Master of the Bookmaers about security issues.[4]


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