These pages have some content using the ‘D'ni Script’ font. Without the font, the data can be presented in a very hard-to-understand way. For this reason, it is in your best interest to install the font. this is a link to a page with a ZIP archive containing the font. It is labeled 'D'NI_SCR.TTF'. For technical reasons, the font can not be directly uploaded here.

The font contains:

  • All characters of the D'ni Alphabet
    • If you can see the characters below, the font is installed:
    • vtsjykafiermTdhocwuxlqznbSgKIpEADOU
  • 0 (the dot) thru 25 (the X) of the D'ni Numerals
    • 0123456789)!@#$%^&*([]{}\;
  • The six symbols on the fire marble domes in Riven
    • äÄöÖüÜ
  • The Riven dagger (for good luck!)
    • C

This font is very useful when doing anything D'ni-related.

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