At first, there was little in the way of a class society, such a high ideal faded quickly. The D'ni people were again unified, but started to separate again during the time of King Ji.[1] By the time of the Fall of D'ni, there were seven distinct classes, as identified by Tricia Lawson.

There were several obvious attempts to reach out and unify the classes, such as Common Libraries, Major Guild scholarships, renovation of poorer districts, but they didn't do much.

High classesEdit

The Great Lords and the Grand Masters of the Major Guilds. Private citizens were accepted with abundant resources were needed. The elite owned private libraries of Linking Books. They resided on the private Islands of the Cavern, such as Ae'gura or elite districts like Kaleh District.
Guild Members
The graduates of the schools, once possible for the lower classes to attend but later they became so expensive and prestigious that their graduates became a very high class among themselves.
Upper Class
Citizens who had succeeded in private enterprise and had enough money to buy their way into the upper classes. Some had Major Guild education. They most likely provided the elite with their banks, pubs, etc.

Low classesEdit

Middle Class
Mostly private citizens and professionals like shop-owners. They could afford some luxuries and (more rarely) even own Linking Books as well as Private Ages. Seemed to make up most of the Minor Guilds enrollment. Thos D'ni resided in districts such as Vamen.
High Poor
Mostly of industrial workers, many of whom spent their time on Ages (before it was outlawed). It seems that they did not own Books.
Low Poor
These low poor were relegated to their own poor districts, rarely interacted with the middle class and never with the upper classes. Possibly used as servants although that was generally looked down upon. Belari District was one of the poorest districts.
The Least
An obscure reference, possibly to a sub-class. Lawson could not elucidate on this reference.[2]


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