Type other
Written by Ri'neref
Inhabitants Yes
Locations of interest
Game information
Journal- None
First appearance The Book of Atrus

The Cleft is a small crack in the ground on Earth. It is presumably near Tomahna, as Atrus says in Revelation he needs to stop by there casually, indicating it is close. Atrus and Ti'ana live in the Cleft in the Book of Atrus until Atrus is taken by Gehn. The Cleft is later important in Uru, as the Explorers go there to start the journey. With the exception of Yeesha, the Cleft is abandoned, although there are signs of Ti'ana and Atrus' living there.

Uru: Ages Beyond MystEdit

In Uru, Explorers begin the game in The Cleft.  While large and mostly barren, (s)he can find Zandi outside his trailer, reading a book and listening to the radio.  Zandi acts as a guide and offers the player hints about their next destination.  The player can also find remnants of Riven scattered in the desert.  However, The Cleft gains it's name from the large cleft behind the trailer, which contains small living areas powered by the windmill next to the Cleft as well as a Journey Door.  Inside the living quarters, The Explorer finds a projector with a recording of Yeesha, explaining the Journey Cloths and asking the player to find them.  After finding all seven of the Journey Cloths, (s)he can open the Journey Door, which leads to a cavern containing the Relto linking book.

After an Explorer finds and returns all four Bahro Pillars, a Star Fissure opens in Relto, leading him/her back to The Cleft.  After returning to the projector and inputting the correct code, another projection of Yeesha appears and she offers a linking book to The Explorer.  Upon touching it, (s)he is teleported to a rainy version of The Cleft, where Yeesha is waiting.  She explains that only she has the power to make it rain in the desert and leaves the player.  Upon returning to the raining desert, The Explorer witnesses several Bahro entering the nearby volcano.  The Explorer can then return to Relto, where a new linking book allows them to return to either version of The Cleft.

Journey Cloth LocationsEdit

  • Behind the New Mexico sign near the start
  • Behind Zandi's RV
  • By the Wahrk skeleton near the Riven remnants
  • In a small room inside the cleft
  • On the side of a bucket that can be lowered inside the cleft
  • Pointed out by Yeesha in the projector room
  • On the side of the open projector room door (close it first)


There is a notable discrepancy concerning the location of the Cleft between the novels and Uru. While in Uru (and according to canon) the Cleft is in New Mexico, the first time it was mentioned, in Book of Atrus and Book of Ti'ana, there was a strong implication that the Cleft was somewhere in Middle East. This made some people to believe that Uru presents a retconned idea than what was originally described in the books.

Richard A. Watson explained that the Cleft was always supposed to be in New Mexico, but during the writing of the novels the writers decided that the location of the Cleft should not be "revealed" as of yet (for some vague reason that is not explained clearly). While Watson suggested that the location should remain vague and nondescript, the writers preferred to make the story more interesting by adding some (misleading) details, hinting to the East.[1]


  1. The Watson Letters on All Things Uru

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