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2011 Edit

  • January 12, 2011 - Riven for iPad has been released!

2010 Edit

  • November 27 - The D'ni Wiki is under new management! Hi878 has now adopted this wiki.

2009 Edit

  • November 2 - As you may have already known, it is has not been possible to play Myst Online since the service ended on April 10, 2008. However, the Uru Live Open Source Team said that it could possibly come back online this year.

2008 Edit


2007 Edit

  • February 15 - Myst Online has officially launched. The live version adds a new Delin age to the collection as well.
  • January 27 - For those who currently subscribe to Gametap, realMyst has been announced to be added to the game library in the coming weeks. For those who don't, you can find Gametap subscription links here.
  • January 2 - For those who currently subscribe to Gametap, an open beta has begun for Myst Online (Uru Live). For those who don't, you can find Gametap subscription links here.

2006 Edit

  • September 4 - Gametap is running a special offer in honor of the Uru Live release: Any new subscribers that sign up for Gametap before September 15 get one month free. (offer here)
  • May 18 - At E3, it was announced that Uru Live will be available through Gametap subscriptions and also that it will be live again by Christmas. (read more...)
  • May 14 - Sorry that I've been dormant for a month, but I've been busy on other projects. I think that I'll start a collaboration of the month project to keep focus on a particular page.
  • April 14 - Alright, site is now pretty much up and running...except for content! Please help us by creating and improving some pages.
  • April 10 - This wiki is now under new management!