The D'ni year was called a hahr, roughly equivalent to a solar (surface) year.

The D'ni people divided the hahr in 10 "months" (vaileetee) or 290 "days" (yahrtee).[1] The year started with the first day of the first month, Leefo 1, which corresponded to our April 20 or 21, depending on the year[2] and ended on Leenovoo 29. Each vailee was divided in 29 yahrtee.[3]

Each month was named after a number (see: D'ni Numerals) with the prefix of lee- and some alterations.[4]

  1. Leefo
  2. Leebro
  3. Leesahn
  4. Leetar
  5. Leevot
  6. Leevofo
  7. Leevobro
  8. Leevosahn
  9. Leevotar
  10. Leenovoo


  • First Feast of the Maker - Lenovoo 10 (March 27)
  • New Year - Leefo 1 (April 20 or 21)
  • The Common Library Opened - Leefo 12 (May 5)
  • Second Feast of the Maker - Leebro 20 (June 21)
  • The Day of Dancing - Leetar 21 (September 3)
  • First Arrival of the Great King - Leevot 12 (September 28)
  • Third Feast of the Maker - Leevofo 18 (November 11)
  • Coronation of King Kerath - Leevofo 27 (November 23)
  • The finding of the Book of Birenni - Leevobro 12[5]

The anniversary of the opening of the Guild of Writers (Leevot 9[6]) was always a day to remember[7] but not one of the holidays.

The anniversary of the finding of the Book(s) of Birenni was celebrated by re-enacting the search for the boos by hiding fire marbles in homes and Ages for cildren to find. It was also a day that many chose to wed.[5]


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