At first, the young D'ni people studied in the Common Schools for 6 years (age 10 to 16) and then entered society.

In 1124 Guild Master Ti'lanar of the Legislators submitted his paper "Minor Guilds" where he criticised the contemporary system that a small elite of the Guilds held the knowledge, and proposed the creation of Minor Guilds to expand the knowledge.

King Mararon was upset that so many of his own people were falling by the wayside. He agreed with the paper and following its suggestions:

Only men were eligible for Minor Guild education, but in 3500 women became as well.[2]

Education and the Guilds had always been thought of as inseparable. However in 4500 Guild Master Kinef of the Guild of Legislators brought forth a proposal that would allow the use of private education separate from the Guilds. The proposal eventually passed by a slim margin but private education never really received near the admiration and respect from the public and thus never truly succeeded.[3]

Οnce it was possible for the lower D'ni classes to attend the schools but later they became so expensive and prestigious that their graduates became a very high class among themselves.[4]


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