Dunny Hut was a novel that was begun by Robyn Miller. It is the story of a boy who lives in an desolate region of earth with people he barely knows. At a young age, he discovers a trap door under his bed. Curious, he enters and eventually discovers a pathway to an underground kingdom known as Dunny. Dunny is teeming with an active ecosystem, a glowing lake, a beautiful sky, and a city full of people. Through a series of strange events, the boy, Matty, discovers he is crown prince of the city who has been hidden away at the surface of the earth from the banished "Veovis", a man who has vowed to destroy Dunny and its crown prince out of spite and vengeance. Matty, an unsuspecting boy from the surface of earth, now finds himself expected to fulfill prophecy by attacking Veovis and thus save the kingdom of Dunny. Of course, this is the last thing he wants to do.

Robyn never finished writing Dunny Hut, but concepts taken from it were folded into the Myst saga: Matty became Atrus; 'dunny hut' became the 'cleft'; his grandfather Rigurartrar became Anna; the underground city became abandoned. "Dunny" became "D'ni." Much later, the character of Veovis was utilized, though almost only in name.

Robyn says of the changes, "We created Myst relatively innocently and we had no time to spend creating a sophisticated backstory, so Dunny Hut gave us a place to start: a great jumping off point. And once that original story began to evolve and become more Myst-like, it began to become apparent to us that Myst was much more than just one video game... it was a broad world and a rich history."

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