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Written by Atrus
Inhabitants No
Locations of interest
Game information
Journal- None
First appearance Myst III: Exile

Edanna was an age written by Atrus, so that his sons could learn one of the first steps in writing an age.

Several species of plant life are live in this age, many with functional abilities.

  • Two types of Sun-collector flowers: the aurora blossom, which focuses sunlight into a heat ray; and the lambent orchid, which redirects sunlight in the dark lower levels.
  • Corkscrew cattails that act as elevators and get their water and nutrients from a plant called the quaffler fig, which stores water in large bulbs or hard basins.
  • Giant pitcher plants, apparently nonnative.
  • The nemel lotus, which releases spores that attract the grossamery.
  • The fan palm; unlike the fan palms of D'ni Rihltahgamihn, this plant has a bulb which, when touched, opens or closes the plant.
  • Swing vines, which allow one to swing across a gap in the path or lower one a ways.

There are also various fauna.

  • The squee, a white rodent with distinctive chittering.
  • Flies that hang around the nemel lotus

The flora and fauna interact in various ways within the enclosed ecosystem.

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