FANDOM has been around for a "long time" and is the property of Harrison Pink.[1]


On 24 December 2008 at 3:48 AM GMT, a user named "harrison pink" made a obscure post in an old thread on the MOUL forums which prompted users to check out the site.[2] The site had been updated with a new picture Book3


and a cipher hidden in the page's header:



This binary code translates to "D JKW MDSB LMKJR" in ASCII.[3] In the middle of the bottom of the right page, the partial D'ni word "evokahn" is barely visible. The complete word was assumed to be "devokahn", and the translation of the cipher was decoded using a keyed caesar cipher with "devokahn" as the key. It read, "A new path opens".[4]

On 2 January 2009, the image on the front page was updated with a curled page corner in the bottom-right corner of the right page: [5] Book3.1


Clicking on the page underneath lead to a new page, "Bree".


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