The Gate Room is a pentagonal room on the Temple Island. It is actually an inner chamber with 2 exits that rotates within a circular outer wall that has 5 openings. A mechanism rotates the inner chamber so as its exits align with more openings.

The chamber is adorned with 5 pilars ornamented with big effigies of beetles. Each beetle has a viewer that displays an aspect of Gehn's rule on Riven.




  • The main entrance to the south leads to a bridge leading directly to the back door of the Temple.
  • The SE exit leads to a cave, which also serves as a side entrance to the Room. This gateway is the only one that has no button to rotate the chamber.
  • The SW exits leads to another gateway, which has a handle that raises the gate blocking entrance to the NE exit. It also leads to a cave with a steam valve that sends hydraulic power to the telescope outside.
  • The NE exit is a side entrance to the Golden Dome. Initially it is blocked by a gate. It also has a handle that raises the gate of the NW exit.
  • The NW exit leads to the bridge that leads directly to the Golden Dome. Initially it is blocked by a gate.

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