A conservative and isolationist prophet who appeared during the reign of King Adesh.

He arrived in the scene in 5574 and began preaching, similar to what Tevahr had done years earlier. Gish's teachings focused on the words of Yahvo. He wrote "Yahvo Alone". He condemned the Great King Ahlsendar and Tevahr, he denounced his people for claiming that taygahn was more important than following Yahvo's commands, and that it was used as an excuse to do what they wanted. Yahvo commanded, as he said, was no interaction with the outsiders. Gish was not the first to say such things, but for some reason, as Trisari noted, he became very popular.

Fearing his popularity, Adesh had him arrested many times, only to strengthen his support. Then he ordered him killed by the Relyimah but this only made him a martyr. A very unpopular action that provoked public outrage.

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