Kadish Tolesa
[[File:Kadish Tolesa|250px]]
Written by Kadish
Inhabitants No
Locations of interest
Game information
Journal- None
First appearance Uru: Ages Beyond Myst
Kadish Vault

The vault

Kadish Tolesa is a puzzle Age, one among many, built by Kadish simply to show how rich and powerful he is, as well as to protect his riches. It is built in a forest of thick, tall trees. If players reach the edge of the forest, they see that only clouds and fog lay beyond it. In Uru: ABM, we find Kadish's skeletal remains inside a vault of mounds of riches. In his note he says that he "did not die with nothing, he died with everything". Yeesha has scrawled on the note "What kind of end is this?"

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