Myst was a book series written based on the world of D'ni from the Myst (series) games. It was written by Rand Miller and David Wingrove, with Robyn Miller helping to write the first book.

Novels Edit

  • The Book of Atrus
    • Takes place immediately before the events in Myst
    • Tells the story of how Atrus was first introduced to D'ni by Gehn
  • The Book of Ti'ana
    • Takes place slightly before the events in Book of Atrus
    • Tells the story of how D'ni was destroyed
  • The Book of D'ni
    • Takes place slightly after the events in Myst
    • Tells the story of Atrus' original efforts to rebuild D'ni as well as the rediscovery of Terahnee
  • The Book of Marrim (Unreleased)
    • Takes place after the events in Book of D'ni
    • Probably will concern the rebuilding of D'ni in Releeshahn

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