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Written by Atrus
Inhabitants Yes
Locations of interest
Game information
Journal- None
First appearance Myst III: Exile

Narayan was written by Atrus, so that his sons could learn one of the first steps in writing an age.


The sea flows through gaps around the Age. From the rifs the steam flows up from the waterfall and milky puffer spores soar upwards, like pearls against the sky. On gigantic Lattice Trees the inhabitants of Narayan build their cities, over a sea of steam.

They had to care of the Lattice Trees constantly to survive. They trimmed the delicate lattice roots, and Weave niches into the branches. At dusk they go to the rift and play with pipes drawing them in close, and they dragged them with nets. The spores are weaved into the niches in order to be grown to new structures. Old and new growths are spliced together so the walls of the houses grow strong. They also carved Spirit Mask into the Tree.[1]

It seems that several Trees/cities were connected by wires on which sky ships glided.


Atrus visited Narayan and was taught by Saavedro about their customs. He sent his sons, Sirrus and Achenar to complete their studies and learn how civilizations bring balance to an Age.

But as the boys grew up they darkened and when they returned, they questioned why they have to work so hard. They claimed that they came back to fix Narayan and asked to arrange a meeting with the Elders. They showed their father's Linking Books with other worlds where people didn't have to work so hard to survive; although their father wrote them, he wrote Narayan to be unstable. They claimed that Atrus wrote this world to show them how an Age should not be. The Elders refused to believe them, saying that abandoning their traditions, the Tree will die with them.

The brothers didn't abandon, and they were more successful with the young people who didn't want to listen to the Elders. They stood at the back of the room in anger, screaming that they don't want to sacrifice their future lives to the Tree, as the Elders had done. They enjoyed the confusion they were creating. They approached the most dissatisfied men and secretly orchestrated malcontent against the Elders, the rituals and traditions. The young formed gangs that followed the brothers, boycotting their rituals. Riots started and the fighting tore the people apart. As a result, the Tree was neglected. Its roots were overgrown and became black. The branches were strangling and the steams turned the buildings red. No one was there to guide the spores to the branches, they floated up and they burst in the hot steam.

While the Age was collapsing, the brothers salvaged all they considered worthy and laughed at Saavedro who confronted them, and left him on J'nanin to die. Saavedro managed to link back to Narayan, but he was closed inside the shield, and believing that nothing can live without it, he believed that his people and family were dead.[1]

When the Stranger opened the outer shield, Saavedro realized that his people were not dead. He trapped Saavedro between the two shields, forcing Saavedro to give him back the book of Releeshahn. He then released Saavedro, who went to reunite with his family.


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