Phil's Relto
Written by Yeesha
Inhabitants No
Locations of interest
Game information
Journal- None
First appearance Uru: Ages Beyond Myst

Phil's Relto is a Relto owned by a former (because deceased) DRC member named Phil Hendrick. Douglas Sharper felt guilty for his death because he took the Relto book and thus Phil was crushed under a large amount of rubble. Phil's Relto is the same as any Relto with all pages, but is evidently very old; the Age is in a permanent state of night, the valley below the main island has been filled with water up the island, the plants have grown large, and many of the mechanisms, including the door to the library, are rusted beyond repair. Phil evidently completed his entire journey, as his bookshelf is full of books. The mechanism that releases the book is damaged and only the linking book to the Kerel Neighborhood is accessible. Thus, it is unknown what the other books are.