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Prison Island
[[File:Prison island|250px]]
Type island
Written by Gehn
Inhabitants No
Locations of interest
Game information
Journal- Riven (game)/Atrus's journal
First appearance Riven (game)

Prison Island, also known as Small Island, is one of the five islands of Riven. Before the events of Riven (game), an enormous tree, called the Great Tree, was growing on the island. The Great Tree was cut down by Gehn to create paper for linking books, after Atrus trapped him on Riven. Over time, the instability of Riven caused the island to drift so far away from the other islands that it couldn't be seen from them, and can only be accessed via a linking book. During the events of Riven (game), Gehn has Atrus's wife Catherine trapped in a prison he built on the top of the Great Tree's stump. Out of the five islands of Riven, Prison Island is the smallest.

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