Pyst is a computer game published in 1996. It is a parody of Myst, and features a postapocalyptic version of Myst Island. Its name sounds like "pissed", and is intended to reflect how frustrated some players were at the puzzles of Myst. The idea of the game was "to discover how Myst Island would look after four million people came and explored". It was developed by Peter Bergman and published by Parroty Interactive. John Goodman from the sitcom Roseanne plays King Mattruss (the name a reference to Atrus). A sequel entitled Driven (a parody of Riven) was planned but never surfaced.

Reception Edit

Pyst was criticized for lack of content and not living up to its potential as a parody, but otherwise has received mixed reviews.

Legacy Edit

Popular internet reviewer Brutalmoose dedicated an episode to Pyst.[1]

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