Rivenese are the people who live on Riven. They are primitive and superstitious.

Gehn considered them as their creations. He attempted to teach them about the Art, even in a simplified manner, but he regretted it as their minds were adapted only to the menial tasks of village life, and thus were incapable to comprehend further knowledge. He believed that this gap in understanding brought discord between them and Gehn.[1]

He found more accepting the minds of children, who could assimilate the D'ni culture; Gehn mused to himself that they were almost as if they had some D'ni blood in them. Because of the abovementioned "inborn limitations" (as exemplified with his disappointment with Katran) he was careful that none would gain such a level of understanding.[1]

The Rivenese do not live nearly as long as the D'ni, which is why Atrus outlived Katran.

Trivia Edit

  • The language they speak is theorized to be a dialect from Papua New Guinea.


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