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Saavedro is a man from Narayan who suffered from the evil actions of Sirrus and Achenar.


Saavedro, his wife and two daughters inhabited the Age of Narayan, one of the Ages chosen by Atrus to teach his sons, Sirrus and Achenar about the writing of Ages. Saavedro and his wife Tamra had two baby girls.

One day Atrus came to their village as a friend, claiming to come from a faraway place. He wanted to learn about the Lattice Tree and see and help with their endless labors. He stayed for months while Saavedro showed to him their customs and worked together and harvested puffer spores. When Atrus discussed if Sirrus and Achenar could come to the Age to complete their studies by examining it and its people, Saavedro agreed to help tutor the two brothers, not knowing the torments that awaited him. Saavedro took them and begun teaching them how to care for the Tree and encourage it to grow.

Saavedro was shocked when Sirrus and Achenar instigated a rebellion on Narayan, claiming that they shouldn't follow the old traditions, as they can "fix" the Age so that they won't have to work for their whole lives. Tamra didn't like the rising tempers and wanted to take the children home. She told Saavedro to talk to the young and calm them down, but he felt unable to, as their speeches were very convincing. The rebellion brought imbalance to the Age, as the young neglected caring for the Tree. Saavedro was dismayed at how blind he was to theirs lies and realizing that they didn't understand their traditions. He was angry to himself for not stopping them when he should have. As the word started collapsing, Saavedro told Tamra to go to the reef with their two girls and hide. She gave him her necklace to remember her and Saavedro promised her that everything will be right.

The evil brothers left to J'nanin leaving its linking book behind. Using the book, Saavedro followed them. They had waited inside a tusk and lured him there and he confronted them about what they had done. They explained that they didn't intend or know how to fix the Age and that they just salvaged what they thought was worth taking. They tied him up and burned Atrus's Myst linking books before him, and then left him to die, with venomous snakes. Saavedro somehow survived.[1]


Trapped on J'nanin for years, he hoped that Tamra had survived and were tending the ailing Lattice roots. He started using Atrus's hidden Ages of Edanna, Voltaic and Amateria, the Ages intended to explain the many factors in writing an Age, made for Atrus's sons' instruction. He finally opened the machine that kept the Narayan Linking Book and linked back to Narayan, only to find himself inside a strange shield barrier. Seeing Narayan through the shield he thought the Tree had died and that nobody could be alive outside the shield.

Then "the fog" first ate his mind and engulfed him. Out of loneliness, painful memories and despair, the fog rushed in his head. When it was thick enough, he could lose himself there, forget and be safe. He had forgotten even who he was. There were moments when he could not see or remember his wife. He slowly went mad during his twenty years of Exile.

In what he thought as a vision, while he was lying in the reeds near the tusk, he saw Atrus appear mysteriously on the cliff holding a book. He thought it was Death who came for him. He attempted to shout to him but he couldn't speak. Before he could anything else, Atrus disappeared.

After an indefinite amount passed, he found the book atop the cliff. The fog swallowed him but he did not let it and sensed an unexplained fear for the book. He then remembered who he was. He then started to write a journal in an attempt to dispel the fog and recollect his life.

Despite his fear, he used the book Atrus left behind. The fog didn't find him this time. He found himself In Atrus's home in Tomahna. Seeing that he was alone and everything was silent, he started searching every room and cabinet. He found his journals, as well as a linking book back to J'nanin. Memories flooded his head too fast, filling him with despair and wanting to lose himself back to the fog, but hatred kept him relatively sane.[1]


He visited Tomahna several times without being seen. He was angered to see that Atrus was happy with his home and family and envisioned new Ages while forgetting Saavedro's people. He wanted to make the whole family pay and suffer, but eventually found no sign of the brothers. Nonetheless he proceeded to avenge the dead of his world. He traveled to the Lesson Ages and made changes, in order to use them to trap Atrus, after luring him from Tomahna into the tusk.

He attempted to damage the Orbiter of Amateria, but as it appeared to be indestructible, he tried to damage other devices, instead.

He also destroyed the Narayan poem Atrus wrote in the columns, using sap and floating stone from Amateria that attracts and repels other stone.

During one of his forays, he was in the sun room of Tomahna when he heard Catherine's footsteps down the hall talking with someone. For a moment she reminded him of Tamra and remembering they all were dead, he felt the fog toward him, but resisted it and waded through the haze. He ran to the study and escaped back to J'nanin, thinking to bring a book from one of the other Ages with him.

He attempted to produce a carnivorous hybrid in Edanna, but the plant life is more tenacious than the plants on Narayan, less susceptible to grafts. He considered mixing in species from the Swamp.

Then he read in Atrus's journals that he brought the D'ni people back and gave them a new world. His ultimate plan was to bring Atrus to Narayan, hoping that he would repair the Age.

He spent weeks polishing a cavern wall and make drawings of the history of Narayan's destruction and make Atrus feel the pain he suffered. He was afraid to sleep as he feared he might never wake up. The final painting was at Voltaic.

He reprogrammed his scanning device, scavenging parts from another mechanism in the tusk. The gears were now operated by hand.[1]

Saavedro stole the description book of Releeshahn, however, it is not Atrus who follows Saavedro back, but The Stranger. Believing it to still be Atrus, Saavedro lures The Stranger into his trap. After solving all of the 'lessons' on the instruction Ages, The Stranger gains access to Narayan. Once there Saavedro realizes that it had not been destroyed; only that he had been unable to get to it. In the end Saavedro gives up the book of Releeshahn so The Stranger can give it back to Atrus, then goes peaceably and returns to his family, people, and Age.


Saavedro is played by Brad Dourif. He is the antagonist of Myst III: Exile, although he is not a pure villain.

His name derives from the full name of Miguel Cervantes.


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