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Written by Atrus
First seen in Myst (game)
Inhabited? - No
Journal- Selenitic/Journal

Selenitic is the only Age in Myst (not including Myst Island itself) that was naturally uninhabited at the time Atrus linked to it. Atrus, in his journals, describes feeling uneasy in this Age upon first arriving. Shortly after his arrival, a massive meteor storm changed the face of the island considerably. What was once a lush and green landscape was transformed into a brown and barren land, with the exception of one small area which Atrus later called the Oasis.

Atrus also remarks on the wide variety of sounds he heard while visiting Selenitic: waterfalls, whistling winds, fiery chasms, the sound of wind whistling through peculiar crystalline formations. In an effort to secure his Myst Island Linking Book, Atrus devised a lock which required inputting the proper sequence of sounds into a device. He also created a vast maze in the underground caverns of the Age, which can be traversed by what has been deemed the "Mazerunner", which looks slightly like the rocket ship that the book is in to get here, designed according to D'ni technology. The reason of this structure is never given, although Atrus expresses a desire to explore the caves in his Selenitic journal.

It was one of the few Ages that survived Sirrus and Achenar's wrath.

Background informationEdit

Richard A. Watson has commented on the name of the Age as being related to the moon (The Greek goddess of the Moon was at one time called Selene). It is possible, but not confirmed, that the meteor storm which Atrus encountered on his first night there was caused in some way by the Age's moon. Another possibility involves selenite, a certain mineral which may be present in the Age and might be what the crystals are composed of. The name could also simply be a reference to the barren rockiness of the place, with 'selenetic' being more scientific than "moonscape". However, the exact reason Atrus chose to name the Age as he did is unknown.[1][2].


The name Selenitic is never heard or written in the original game, the package or the manual. It's known afterwards from the hint books and the Myst Soundtrack, and later from the realMyst game, in which one of Atrus's journals has the words "THE SELENITIC AGE OF MYST" on its spine (What could be the same words are visible in the original game, but are not really legible). The phrase "Selenitic Age" does appear as the name of a data file on the CD of the original Mac version.

The linking book on this Age was originally intended to be housed in a complex underground maze of overlapping catwalks and ladders. This was too complex for the rendering and storage technology of the time, and so it was replaced with the Mazerunner.

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