Sunner head

Sketch of a sunner head from the Strategy Guide.

A unique aquatic species of Riven. They resemble seals with long necks and snouts. They are communal and intelligent not unlike dolphins.[1]

With their lumbering bodies and strangely delicate flipper appendages, these mammals seem like refugees from some bygone era. Despite their physical size, they are passive in their quest for food: using an efficient baleen (bony plates instead of teeth) feeding mechanism, they ingest the colonies of microscopic organisms that thrive in these waters. They have distinctive dual-colored hides.[2]

Rivenese children love the Sunners, drawing pictures in adoration. They are however edible and the Rivenese hunt them with harpoons. Their generous pelts are used for rudimentary clothing and pouches.[2]

Gehn considered it an impressive oddity that resulted from a curious evolutionary anomaly, and worthy of scientific interest.[2]

The D'ni word "behhahpo" appears in Gehn's journals, possibly a name for this creature.[2]

Smaller than the wahrk, Sunners are designated the number 4 by the Moiety. There is a wooden eye hidden in a path of the jungle. Unlike other wooden eyes on Jungle Island, this is not near a shape resembling its corresponding creature (it is found below a giant sword) however the association is obvious because of its sound.

The sunners presumably became extinct upon the destruction of Riven.


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