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A unique aquatic species of Riven.

With their lumbering bodies and strangely delicate flipper appendages, these mammals seem like refugees from some bygone era. Despite their physical size, they are passive in their quest for food: using an efficient baleen feeding mechanism, they ingest the colonies of microscopic organisms that thrive in these waters. They have distinctive dual-colored hides.[1]

Rivenese children love the Sunners, drawing pictures in adoration. They are however edible and the Rivenese hunt them with harpoons. Their generous pelts are used for rudimentary clothing and pouches.[1]

Gehn considered it an impressive oddity that resulted from a curious evolutionary anomaly, and worthy of scientific interest.[1]

The D'ni word "behhahpo" appears in Gehn's journals, possibly a name for this creature.[1]

The sunners presumably became extinct upon the destruction of Riven.


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