Temple Island
Temple island
Temple map
Type island
Written by Gehn
Inhabitants Yes
Locations of interest
Game information
First appearance Riven (game)
Also known as: Dome Island or Allatwan.

This island is named after the temple to Gehn on its east side. The Riven link-in point is on this island.

The Rivenese call the island "Allapo" meaning "water pool" in Rivenese language; the Moiety call it "Allatwan" meaning "pool of stars".[1]


This island is consisted of two peaks joined with a bridge (in the game, the sea level is higher, essentially forming two smaller isles).

The larger peak is the place where a giant Moiety Dagger fell and the Star Fissure opened. Gehn sealed the fissure and installed a telescope above to study it; above that plain Gehn built the Great Golden Dome, which redirects energy to Gehn's Fire Marble Domes. There is also the Gate Room with icons and prayers to Gehn, which is actually a complex mechanism of moving around the exits and tunnels of the island.

To the northern end of the island, there is a rotating fire-marble dome, marked with the D'ni symbol for GREEN.

The smaller peak/isle contains the Temple where Gehn's subjects deposit offerings; the Temple is dominated by a large Imager (where Gehn would transmit images and messages while sitting at a nearby chamber) and statues of wahrks.


At the southern end of the island, just outside the Temple's entrance, there is a tram station that connects it with Jungle Island. Presumably the Rivenese natives fro that island use that line to visit the Temple.

An interisland footbridge runs directly from the Dome to the Book Assembly Island, presumably to facilitate Gehn's visit from his Laboratory to the Dome.


Before Riven was separated, that island corresponds to the place of the final confrontation between Atrus and Gehn. Through Catherine's tamperings, the giant Moiety dagger fell from the sky, and the Star Fissure opened where Atrus jumped.

Gehn sealed the fissure to study it and sometimes threw inside transgressors to make experiments. The Moiety attempted to open it and stole the combination that opens Gehn's seal.[1]

Gehn has also built a cage and put a guard, anticipating Atrus's return. It is there when he attempted to capture Catherine, and then The Stranger.

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