A D'ni cult.

Jolatha, the consort of King Solath, was a well-known member of the Tree, although Solath always denied it.[1] During the reign of their son, King Me'emen, Jolatha ruled through him. In 1817 he proposed construction of the Temple of the Tree. The Tree believed that the ancient books buried in the Tomb of the Great King held symbolic power.[2] Ramel was also a member of The Tree, reknowned for her beauty, pushed by Jolatha to be Me'erta's lover.[3]

During the time of Ahlsendar's Plague, King Behnashiren saught the help from The Tree.[4]

By the time of King Asemlef, it, as well as some old cults, had vanished for the most part leaving way to disagreements in the beliefs of Yahvo.[5]


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