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Type other
Written by Ri'neref
Inhabitants No
Locations of interest
Game information
Journal- None
First appearance Myst IV: Revelation

Tomahna was the home of Atrus, Catherine and their daughter Yeesha, on the surface of Earth close[1] to the general area of the Cleft and thus close to the Great Shaft and the D'ni City deep below.


The name Tomahna contains the D'ni word tomahn, which means "house".[2] The ending -a is perhaps no meaningful, and just an influence by English place names.


The events on Myst Island created painful memories that Atrus and Catherine wanted to escape from. Atrus located his family there after his failed restoration of D'ni and finished writing Releeshahn.

Saavedro, who had been stranded in J'nanin, gained access to Tomahna through a linking book Atrus left behind. For a long time he stalked him and read his journals in his study room. He planned his revenge by stealing the linking book to Releeshan and burned his study room.[3]

About 10 years later, Sirrus linked to Tomahna and abducted Yeesha.[4]

Description Edit

Tomahna was built in a secret canyon near a running river; a waterfall powered the structures by the means of a waterwheel.

Not much is known about Tomahna when Yeesha was an infant. It's possible that it was much smaller than the complex appearing in Revelations. The visible locations included a sunroom, where the Stranger waited for his host, and a study room; Catherine did not allow the Stranger to enter the couple's private quarters

Tomahna is initially approached by a tram that gives a spectacular overview of the area, passing through a tight spot and with an area that has a gorgeous view of the entire complex. The tram stops at Atrus' laboratory. From the lab, an elevator descends to the medium living level, which contains a greenhouse, Catherine's laboratory, and the bedroom of Atrus and Catherine. If the lab elevator is taken downwards to the lowest level, it goes across the lake and leads to the bedroom area. There is a swinging bridge that leads across the lake to the kitchen and Yeesha's bedroom. From the experiment lab, a door leads to the sunroom and Atrus' office.



Catherine introduces the player to the view seen from the sunroom ("Breathtaking, isn't it?"), but as the Stranger likely traveled to this place directly, not through linking, they would already have seen the view before, albeit from a different angle. Alternatively, Catherine's statement implies that Tomahna was considered to be a separate Age during the game production.
In Myst IV: Revelation, we are introduced to a different part of their home, surrounding a lake close to a waterfall. It is unknown whether this part had been there before or was newly added.


Atrus's intro speech


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