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Though their fevers persist, I feel I am helpless to assist them. It comforts me to know, however, that at least this horrid disease is not fatal.

It begins with the tremendous fevers, violent shaking, and great chest pains. The fevers are followed by a stage of dreamy delirium, during which the diseased person sleeps persistently, only infrequently half-waking to mutter confused utterances. After this relative calm comes the most painful third stage, when the diseased awakes in a state of frenzied madness. They stare wildly with glazed eyes, screaming and clawing at their own bodies. As this stage progresses, they become dangerous, even violent in some cases....

...As I am constantly here to act as physician (though I have only been able to mildly decrease the sharp internal pains that they complain of), I am in constant distress of catching the disease myself. I have no idea what causes it, or if it is communicable. Hopefully I am immune.

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