After a plague outbreak in Nehw'eril District and the suggestion to at least separate the Industrial District far away from the D'ni city proper, King Me'emen (apparently liking the idea) encouraged the Guild of Surveyors to begin looking into such expansion. With the development of the Stone Tooth, Me'emen immediately ordered the Guild of Miners to begin "clearing" an area (along with Stone Eater) for a new industrial district replacing Nehw'eril.

In 5475 actual construction begun on the new industrial section, much farther from the city, and it was in 5500 when the first imports from other Ages were linked to the new District. Uran was said to be much improved, advanced and safer than the previous Nehw'eril. Security was tight as it was later revealed that the Relyimah had uncovered a variety of plots intended to display some of the faction's disagreement with the district.

In 5541, Me'emen changed the name of the Uran district to Ashem'en to honor his dead son Ashem.[1]

When the project to connect the City with Ae'gura was halted in 5734, Stone Tooth was ordered to begin clearing out more space next to the Ashem'en District.[2]


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