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    D'ni Have An Advanced Understanding of The Aura

    An Aura Can Be Classified Into Many Colors

    REDS - Aura Colour Meanings

    CARMINE : Indicates a person who is seeking change

    VERMILLION : Highlights creativity

    RUSTIC RED : quick tempered

    SCARLET RED : Can indicate a person a big ego

    CRIMSON : innate creative talents

    MAROON : Ability to own ones own self power

    CLARET : Tenacious

    ORANGES - Aura Colour Meanings

    APRICOT : Indicating thoughtful communication

    ORANGE : strongly motivated

    PUMPKIN : self-disciplined

    AMBER : Indicating individual strength and courage

    CARAMEL : Indicating positive occupation changes

    COPPER : Rarely seen but usually seen in those of the mining industry

    RAW SIENNA : indicates weak thought processes

    YELLOWS - Aura Colour Meanings


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  • Adien Shepard


    November 8, 2014 by Adien Shepard
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